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U.K. soul singer and songwriter Jamie Joseph grew up listening to a diverse range of music thanks to his father's music collection, 'Dad is a big music fan and I owe most of my musical knowledge to him', and found inspiration in soul legends like Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, with the music he now writes being 'a take on the classic sound of Motown and Stax but geared to a youth audience'. Growing up in a working class area inspired him to write songs and music to express the struggles and emotions that all people face in life, and he says 'think back to when music was raw' when 'it just mattered if you had heart to get up and sing what needed to be sang. That's what music needs today and I hope to bring that back'. He released his Baby J (Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Plan B) produced 'Sweet Soul - the mixtape' in 2012, as well as touring the U.K. onĀ The Soul Food Tour, and here is his song 'But You'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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