Watch List: Emma Parkes - Doo Wop (That Thing)

We first featured U.K. singer/songwriter Emma Parkes last year,  and she is back, courtesy of SoUK, with her own take on Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing).  A singer that likes 'to mix and blend styles', Emma feels that artists should 'never forget that some people are relying on you to stay original, fresh and who you are and make music from the heart', and here she infuses Lauryn Hill with a little Chaka Khan to send a message to her fellow women that 'you really are a gem', and that 'respect is just the minimum' that they deserve. Staying true to her mantra, she says 'the only way to cover a classic was to make it completely different', and as she works on her upcoming EP she says she is feeling 'very comfortable with myself and my music...finally...I just make what I like and like what I make'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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