X Factor Week 2: Jessica Espinoza, Jeffrey Gutt and Diamond White Performance Videos

"X Factor" zipped through San Francisco, Kansas City and Greensboro, NC on this week's audition episodes. Sifting through all of the names and voices, there were some possible top ten contenders. As did here last week, here are three top voices that may just make it to the live shows after boot camp.

1. Jessica Espinoza

"I didn't like it. I loved it. I love everything about you. You came out and you sang for your life... My favorite audition today by far." Those were Simon Cowell's words after Jessica took the stage giving an emotional performance of Pink's "Nobody Knows."

2. Jeffrey Adam Gutt

"I never heard it sang like that. It was incredible," Demi Lovato said of Jeffrey Adam Gutt performing "Hallelujah." In this case, I have to agree with Demi. "Hallelujah" is one of those songs you hear all the time on these shows so it was like "oh, here we go again" when he began to sing it. Like she said though, this rendition was really good. Jeffrey Adam Gutt made "Hallelujah" his own.

3. Diamond White

"Your mother got it right, you are a diamond" were L.A. Reid's words after teen singer Diamond White performed "It's A Man's World." There isn't much else to say after that, Diamond brought it!

"X Factor" returns next Wednesday on FOX.

Written by Njai Joszor - [ jnwrites / JNWrites ]

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