Watch List: St. Paul And The Broken Bones - Don't Mean A Thing (Live)

With their irrepressibly passionate, Muscle Shoals influenced Alabama soul sound and church-and-gospel-raised frontman Paul Janeway's uninhibited Pentecostal exuberance and intensely soulful, from-the-gut vocals, Birmingham sextet St. Paul and the Broken Bones are building an ever growing fan base based off of their relentless schedule of high-energy live shows, with this past October having seen them play twenty-four shows in thirty days while covering 7,000 miles of tarmac, truly a band committed to the cause, and here they stopped off at the LC King Factory in Bristol, Tennessee, to give a taste of their sensationally raw, energetic live show with the songs 'Don't Mean A Thing' and 'Grass Is Greener'.




Catching the attention of NPR, Rolling Stone and Paste Magazine throughout the year, as well as our own, and, having released an initial EP, they are getting set to release their LP 'Half The City' in the new year on Single Lock Records, with the album being produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes and recorded and mixed in legendary Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Singer Janeway says the album was a 'communal writing process...It’s very collective. We just get in a room. Sometimes we’ll have the scales for a song, or sometimes we’ll have this little riff. That’s how we do it', with the desire for an authentically soulful sound seeing the band say ‘We’re doing this as old-school as we can.’ We did it to tape. We did it live. What you hear is taken from about three takes, and we took the best take. I love it. It’s raw. You hear all the scrapes'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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