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At TheNext2Shine we are passionate about discovering new artists to share with our readers, and we are always looking and listening out for emerging artists that bring their own authenticity, originality and talent to the music scene. Here in our 'Watch List Select' feature we provide for your listening pleasure a selection of artists that have caught our attention with their own unique musical offerings.



Ira May (Iris Bösiger) is a Swiss soul singer who spent time studying at the the Basel Academy of Music and jazz school, and after a period of time putting music on the back-burner while still writing and finding her way musically, several of her recordings found their way to the German hip-hop producer Shuko, who immediately realized the unique, soulful voice that he had stumbled across and invited her into the studio, where they got down to making Ira May's debut album 'The Spell', with Ira saying 'there are my songs, my feelings, my experiences on it'. When a Swiss radio station discoverd one of the tracks, the response was so great that they put the song straight into the main rotation, with her discovery being hailed as the 'birth of the most important soul singer in Switzerland'.



Lyra Jo is a New York singer/songwriter who released her debut EP, Petal Lines, at the end of last year, with the track 'Petals' being a dreamy confection of Bobby Garcia's accomplished production and Lyra's sensitive, yet sincere, vocals revealing her feelings of finding a safe harbor for her emotions in someone special. She says of her music 'what I want to do and where I want to go with my music have changed a lot in the past two to three years...the whole idea behind this is to inspire, everything I want to do with my music just has to do with wanting to improve the well-being of somebody else's life'.



marQue is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter who 'fuses soul, folk, rock, and reggae', to make 'raw soul folk', with his influences including Bob Marley, Al Green, Jimi Hendrix and Ben Harper. He has released a number of albums over the years, including 'Raw Soul Folk' and 'Rising', from which 'U and I' is taken, a song that sees marQue ruminating on finding conviction and salvation in that 'one place' that is 'U and I forever', his soulful voice expressing his search for self-awareness.



Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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