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21-year-old New Zealand singer/producer Estere (Estere Dalton) is doing things her own way, teaming up with her trusty MPC 1000, 'Lola', to make 'beats in my bedroom...I will layer up a whole lot of different instruments that I record, like synthesizer, or bass, or guitar, or piano, or whatever I've got around in my room...and then I'll record it and layer it and compose it into beats', saying her song 'Cruel Charlie', with its murmuring bassline and plaintive vocal,  is 'about a fictional ex-boyfriend...I thought that I'd play with the concept of...relationships gone wrong, betrayal, someone being annoyed because someone else has gone behind their back and had an affair'.

Passionate about drumming, which she started when she was 11, she also plays acoustic guitar and bass, and, after playing some initial solo acoustic live shows, she was inspired by a friend to begin producing with an MPC, saying it allowed her to 'have control over the ideas in my's nice to be able to have complete creative control of the sound that you are producing, and so that is what really attracted me to offers a lot of dynamic sound, but it relies solely on you as the producer'.

A member of the band Brockaflowersaurus-Rex and the Blueberry Biscuits, Estere's solo music has been well received locally as she has played the live music circuit, including opening for Sola Rosa and Flume, and she also ventured further afield this year, taking her music to Melbourne, Paris, London and Seoul. Selected as part of Red Bull's Prodigy Program, Estere will be mentored by New York MC and producer Oddisee at the Red Bull Studio in Auckland, New Zealand, and has also been chosen to perform at the well regarded Splore Festival in New Zealand in 2014.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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