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Music Video: James Vincent McMorrow - Gold

Irish singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow, in making his recent 'Post Tropical' album, laid his haunting, mesmerizingly addictive and ethereally ghostly falsetto-infused vocals over more r&b and hip-hop inspired production than people were ... Continue reading

Music Video: Vicktor Taiwo - Digital Kids

Last year the U.K.'s Vicktor Taiwo, as part of a two-part musical short story, crafted a haunting mediation about the preternatural world-weariness of alienated youth, 'Digital Kids', his fragile, haunted voice bathed in ... Continue reading

Editors Pick

Music Video: Simi Stone - Pyramid

With a distinctive vocal tone that softens its gently rasp-flecked edge by channeling a sweet vulnerability and an intuitive sensitivity being intertwined with a musical aesthetic that combines Motown's effervescent energy with a singer/songwriter's ... Continue reading

Music Video: Kimberly Anne - Liar

As she looks forward to playing a headlining gig at London's St. Pancras Old Church, and following up the recent Soundcloud release of her new track, 'Liar', the U.K's Kimberly Anne has just released ... Continue reading

Music Video: Tony Ferrari - Mothers

22-year-old singer/songwriter Tony Ferrari says he finds inspiration for his music in 'life, love, happiness and relationships. I find inspiration in my own experiences with love – finding it, being in it, losing it, and ... Continue reading

Music Video: Elbi - Running Away

A singer, songwriter, producer and video maker, French 'do-it-yourself' artist Elbi caught our attention recently having released her 'Troublesome Soul' EP following her return to Paris after several years away taking her music to the ... Continue reading

Music Video: Ella Eyre - If I Go

U.K. star Ella Eyre follows up the recent Soundcloud release of her latest single 'If I Go' with freshly released, gravity-defying visuals that capture the essence of the emotional tumult that she feels as ... Continue reading

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Music Video: Seinabo Sey - Hard Time

Lauded in the blogosphere for her stunning debut, 'Younger', Swedish singer Seinabo Sey's bold, powerful vocals signaled the arrival of an outstanding talent, with such talent further emphasized by her follow up track 'Hard Time' ... Continue reading