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Music Video: Tuxedo - Do It

Tuxedo emerged last year with three tracks of smooth, synth-heavy, disco funk, and accompanied by no information whatsoever about the group except a greeting – “Tuxedo is here! Stay classy.” Some speculate that this is the ... Continue reading

Music Video: Son Little - Alice

Things are starting to heat up for Anti- Records artist Son Little - catching the music blogosphere's ears earlier in the year with the compelling creativity of his progressive bluesy, hip-hop and rock-infused soulfulness, Little (... Continue reading

Music Video: Karina Pasian - Solitaire

The multi-talented Karina Pasian returns with a heartfelt new song and video that reflect on the unknowable complexities and opaque sensitivites that are so intimately associated with the struggle that many people face in dealing ... Continue reading


Music Video: Mayaeni - Black Jeans

At first glance you may assume that Detroit singer/songwriter Mayaeni is simply fulfilling a destiny fated by the musical gods with the release of her Complex-produced, and Billboard featured, video for the self-described 'rock-and-soul ... Continue reading

Music Video: Roo - Pictures

Roo (Roo Savill) has one of those voices. The kind of voice that compels you stop what you are doing and listen. Imbued with the alluring essesnce and timeless appeal of the classic soulstresses, yet ... Continue reading

Music Video: Labrinth - Jealous

With over +2.6M hits on his comeback single "Let It Be", Labrinth slides his way into our emotions with his new heart-breaking ballad "Jealous" (on iTunes). Two years in the making is his new album "... Continue reading

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