Music Video: Tyra Hammond - Stop Messin' Round

From The Crate Records
February 5, 2014
Jeremy Toy
Tyra Hammond

Tyra Hammond is the former lead singer of respected New Zealand soul/r&b band Open Souls, and, following the break up of the group in 2011, she says that she has had 'the confidence in my voice and my ideas to move forward with a solo career, drawing on my life experiences and creative influences to create my first solo work', channeling her former band's throwback soul/R&B sensibilities into her own music, with the neon-and-night-life visuals and Motown-tinged soul/pop vibe of 'Stop Messin' Round' a defiant lament about a wandering lover.



Hammond has appeared as a favorite at many of the country's leading festivals and recently opened for both Lee Fields and The Expressions and Cody Chesnutt during their recent New Zealand tours, and has collaborated with leading New Zealand artists like rapper Scribe and indie-soul singer Ladi 6.



Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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