Music Video: Tommi Williams - Lucky

March 8, 2014
Tommi Williams

Quite simply, Tommi Williams was born to sing - having grown from a vocally precocious youngster who from the age of seven was performing on national television into a young adult pursuing her musical dreams, she is now setting out to establish herself in the music industry with the beautiful natural tone, emotional fluency and deft control of her effortlessly instinctive vocals, showcased here on the confessional, tenderly heartfelt 'Lucky', the song and video both recorded at Capitol Records.


A Michigan native, now relocated to Los Angeles, her obvious natural vocal talent saw Williams begin appearing on television shows such as The Maury Show, The Tony Danza Show, Live At The Apollo and Good Morning America from the age of seven, continuing from there to wow crowds with live performances both on the street and in stadiums, where in the case of the latter she performed the national anthem seventeen times for the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Shock and L.A. Sparks, and she has also sung with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in front of a 14,000-strong audience.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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