Music Video: Shea Soul - Where Did You Go

January 15, 2013
Shea Soul

U.K. singer/songwriter Shea Bryce says she has 'always sung, it is just something that has always been with me',  and that she doesn't 'remember a time when I didn't listen to music or sing'. A  love of jazz and swing music has seen her influences include the likes of  Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and Nina Simone, and, more recently, and most significantly, she has been influenced by Lauryn Hill, with it being her 'love for Lauryn's voice and the tone and texture she used that taught me to appreciate my own, and write songs that reflected that.' After a time attending the  prestigious BRIT School in her teens, and subsequent participation in a girl group that didn't work out, she began to feature on tracks with a range of producers 'making all sorts of "urban" music', and, as she worked 'with one person, somebody hears you, they'd like to work with you...and before you know it you're working with different people doing more things', and this process has seen her, as Shea Soul, lend her smooth vocals to the likes of M.J. Cole, Phil Asher, The Layabouts, KIG,  and Attaca Pesante. When the last track 'started to push through the scene, it gave me an opportunity to leave the day job I was doing, and really spend some time making the music I'd always dreamed of.'  The result is her debut album, 'Grey Skies and Rainbow Fingernails', coming in April 2013, and this is her single 'Where Did You Go'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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