Music Video: Rainy Milo - Treasure Girl

This Thing Of Ours
March 25, 2014
Dexter Navy
Rainy Milo

From internet sensation to emerging star, the ever upward trajectory of 18-year-old U.K. singer/songwriter Rainy Milo's career continued last year with the release of her 'Black & Blonde' EP and international shows in cities like London, Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. Starting 2014 by being named as a 'Rising Star Of 2014' by the Guardian, Milo recently took a further step in the blossoming of her career with the release of her debut album, 'This Thing Of Ours', her naturally jazzy, contemplative vocal sensibility and thoughtfully mature songwriting further in evidence with the just released video for the dreamy piano motif and warm bassline hum of the Daje-produced 'Treasure Girl', Milo knowingly wistful as she ruminates on an ephemeral love, 'he is floating right on by, as he, I couldn't catch him if  I tried, and if your travels take you far away, I hope a piece of me with you can stay'.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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