Music Video: Miriam Bryant - Finders Keepers

February 9, 2013
Gregory Solenstrom
Miriam Bryant

21-year-old singer/songwriter Miriam Bryant was born of Finnish and English parents and grew up in Sweden, 'I think of myself as an English and a Finnish person, but my home is Sweden', and got into music through a friend's 'school project, he asked me if I wanted to help him out and before I knew it we were writing cool songs and getting record deals'. Inheriting an interest in music from her parents, she says 'basically I listen to so much music, different music, and what inspires me isn't really the music itself, because I don't write the music, I write the lyrics and the melodies, and so I have lyrical references...Bon Iver inspired me lyrically', and, while her songs are special to her, she hopes that 'people will like them, but above all I hope that they will be able to relate to the lyrics in their own way, and hopefully project it onto their own lives'. With MTV IGGY having made her an 'Artist Of The Week', and saying she 'might be the world's next Adele', her upcoming plans include a tour of Germany and an album to be released later in the year, and she dreams of being able to 'make an impression on people, and I want to do it, I want to sing to everyone, everywhere, you know, hopefully I'll reach out to as many people as possible'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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