Music Video: Marie Dahlstrom - What's It Gonna Be

June 29, 2013
Paul Akinrinlola
Marie Dahlstrom

At TheNext2Shine we have held Danish singer/songwriter Marie Dahlstrom in the highest regard since we first became acquainted with her music - her effortlessly smooth voice, with its captivatingly beautiful tone and exquisite ability to express the subtlest shades of emotion, from gentle, poignant yearning to forceful, firm resolve, working in seamless combination with the sophisticated arrangements for both her original songs and covers to create a body of work of outstanding quality, which, in combination with her relentless work ethic, makes her an emerging artist of rare promise.

The video for her new song, 'What's It Gonna Be', featured in advertising for the first ever Scandinavian Soul Festival to be held this coming September, sees Dahlstrom contemplating the uncertain status of a relationship, her beautiful voice plaintively asking 'so what's it gonna be, are you gonna come home to me, or am I staying here all night alone?'. In addition to her new single and video, Dahlstrom has just released an EP, 'The Renditions', a collection of her recent covers, plus bonus live versions of original songs, her reimagining of songs such as 'In The Air Tonight' by Phil Collins and 'Stop This Train' by John Mayer showcasing the tender, soothing beauty of her voice as it is threads its way among lush, dreamy, jazz and r&b brushed soundscapes, her thoughtfully soulful point of view breathing enchanting new life into familiar favorites.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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