Music Video: Katlynn Simone - Beautiful Lie

February 6, 2014
Reza Ghassemi
Katlynn Simone

Houston native Katlynn Simone, an actress and singer/songwriter who appears on the BET show 'The Game' playing the character Brittany Pitts, has just released visuals for her song 'Beautiful Lie' that was featured last year on the show, with the video's blackened and desolate opening backdrop providing a visual cue as to the turmoil that Katlynn Simone feels at having to confront the harsh reality that a 'beautiful lie', with all its incincerity, is more palatable to her than facing an uncomfortable truth, her sensitively poignant vocals admitting 'it's hard to think about leaving tomorrow, when I need you now/ Because the truth hurts, I'd rather live in a beautiful lie'.


A love for the arts saw Katlynn Simone involved with a small vocal studio early, going on to enroll at Houston's prestigious Ensemble Theater where she would appear regularly, providing a grounding in the performance skills that would later see her accepted into Houston's High School For The Performing And Visual Arts where she studied musical theater. Having seen his daughter catch the acting bug, Katlynn Simone's father was quick to seize on the chance for his daughter to fly to L.A. and audition for BET's 'The Game', for which she won the part, and Simone is now branching out to showcase her singing and songwriting talents, she co-wrote 'Beautiful Lie' with the help of her 3Sixty Music Group team, and she is working on future music with Grammy-nominated producers and songwriters.




Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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