Music Video: Jessie J - Domino (LIVE Montage, 2011)

Editors Pick
Lava / Universal Republic
October 14, 2011
Dr. Luke, Cirkut
Jessie J

Probably one of the most infectious tracks at the moment. It's unclear whether this is the official music video for the lead single, but we got this straight from the label themselves. Regardless, the songwriter-turned-singer, Jessie J, had some critiques debating whether she was trying to move her image into more of a "Katy Perry" role since the single sounds utterly similiar to what something that Katy would have done with producer Dr. Luke. Ironically enough, Jessie is scheduled to go on tour with Katy Perry herself beginning November 2011. Check out the powerful single "Who You Are" that came off her debut album "Who You Are".

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