Music Video: Jc Villafan - Sweet Time

Sweet Time
July 5, 2013
Julien Radix
Jc Villafan
Jc Villafan

Native to Los Angeles, the soul/folk, singer-songwriter Jc Villafan recently debuted his first official music video for his independently released single "Sweet Time." For the past 6 months the 21-year-old artist toured across Europe, with an acoustic guitar in one hand and a suitcase in the other; and in April 2013 his tour landed in France, where Jc was set to film for "Sweet Time" with French director Julien Radix. Originally posted on August of 2012, the single was taken from his debut EP, Sweet Time (on iTunes now), which has been nominated at the LA Music Critic Awards in the "Best EP of the Year," section.

The music video is filled with vivid color and portrays the sweet and memorable moments we experience through life--the guitar and vocally driven song is paired with an exploration through the serene and scenic Lyon, France. Light-hearted visuals of children playing in their garden, and a cat basking in the French sun makes the video perfect for your summer soundtrack playlist.

Jc Villafan has also recently recorded his upcoming project You're Not Alone EP in the UK of June 2013; and the live, nine-track EP is set for it's world wide released on September 3rd.

Written by Charlotte Gomes - [ GomesCharlotte / YourMusicRefill ]

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