Music Video: Ivy Levan - Money

Introducing The Dame
July 1, 2013
Ivy Levan

Myspace Artist Of The Day....named as Buzzworthy by MTV....endorsed by Adam Lambert - new Cherrytree/Interscope talent Ivy Levan is bringing her distinct brand of southern heat to the music scene, her smoldering combination of runway model glamor, strong minded self-assurance and expressive, raw vocals quickly grabbing people's attention with music she describes as 'swamp hop...punk-rock motown', her bold, defiant vocals on the track 'Money' unrepentantly admitting to her base fiscal motives over a driving, bluesy beat.

Arkansas raised, her early love of performing, 'I did tons of talent shows, pageants, anything that would allow me to get up there and sing and steal all that attention', saw Levan leave for  L.A. at age sixteen to follow her musical dream. Finding work as a model, her pursuit of a music career saw her get picked up by a major label at eighteen and record a demo, but creative differences between her and the label had her feeling that 'everyone seemed to have a different opinion of who I should be, so I just walked away'. Disillusioned, she spent several years away from the music scene, but a meeting with Lucas Banker of Blood Money Inc, 'Lucas and I just clicked right away and never turned back', saw her refocus on her music, this time around Levan deciding to be nothing other than her authentic self, 'with my music before, it was like I was putting on a mask, trying to conceal my accent and hide where I was from...I was always fighting who I really am, but now I’m embracing it and being 100 percent me. This is the music I was born to sing',  her recently released EP 'Introducing The Dame' a testament to this new attitude with its brash, self confident sensibility and bluesy-pop stylings, Levan's confident swagger coming straight at you in a swirl of brass and stomping grooves.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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