Music Video: Iva Lamkum - Doo Bop

Black Eagle
February 7, 2013
Olivia Laita
Iva Lamkum

New Zealand singer/songwriter Iva Lamkum got her start in music by learning the guitar and drums at school, and her fascination with songwriting, 'I loved composing music', was combined with an appreciation of artists like Lauryn Hill and India Arie. She began performing locally, coming to public attention in New Zealand with the release of her 2008 EP 'Iva Lamkum', which included the catchy song 'Kung Fu Grip', and the interest the EP generated saw her go on to collaborate with the renowned New Zealand producer Andrew Spraggon (Sola Rosa) on the song 'Turn Around', drawing further local and international recognition. After spending a few years finding her way as an artist, in 2012 she released the full length album 'Black Eagle', with Iva saying 'the new very different from what I did in back in 2008, so, I've actually improved and I've grown from, you know, who I was as a musician back then...I'm kinda that person that just keeps moving forward'. Here she combines with noted New Zealand DJ/producer P-Money on the song Doo Bop, and, below, she sings 'Raise Your Glass'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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