Music Video: Ira May - Let You Go

July 7, 2013
Karl Krings
Ira May

Swiss soul singer Ira May (Iris Bösiger) has just released the video for her first single 'Let You Go' (on iTunes now), a song that we recently featured in our 'Watch List Select' section, with the UK shot visuals seeing Ira contemplating the swirl of emotions that come with a lost relationship, the obliviousness on her part to her contribution to the breakdown becoming apparent to her in retrospect, her distinctive, soulfully resonant voice driven by the emphatic, rolling swagger and brass accents of the Shuko produced beat as she sings 'I feel lost, I didn't realize how much it would cost, how much it would cost to let you go.'



The rising star of the Swiss soul scene, described as the 'most important soul singer in Switzerland', the classically trained Ira May spent time studying at the Basel Academy of Music and jazz school, and at fifteen participated in the talent show 'Star Music', but after growing disillusioned with music while trying to find her artistic identity she took some time out, with music just being a hobby, saying of that time 'those were tough years, there were many doubts, it was a tough fight.' She continued writing her own music, and, working with a friend, placed a few songs on Soundcloud, where they were noticed by the German producer Shuko who was instantly taken with Ira's voice and invited her to work with him in his studio, where they clicked, and Shuko oversaw the one-and-a-half year process of creating her debut album 'The Spell', with it's mix of hip hop, soul and r&b influences. A brief appearance on a radio mix last year by Ira had whetted people's appetites, and when a Swiss radio station got hold of her and Shuko's first official track, 'Let You Go', they put it straight into the main rotation before it was officially released.


Given the title as the 'Amy Winehouse of Sissach' by a Swiss presenter, Ira says 'comparisons are obvious, and there are worse than Amy Winehouse...these are my songs, my feelings, my experiences', and, having now released the single EP of 'Let You Go', with various remixes and additional track, she looks forward to the September release of her album with the thoughts that 'I do not need a villa with a pool, I just need my peace of mind. And give me the music'.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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