Music Video: Harleighblu - Play Me

Forget Me Not
Tru Thoughts
June 25, 2013
Tim Smith
Joe Buhdha

21-year-old UK singer Harleighblu follows up the release of her single 'Enough Now' with the video for her new song 'Play Me', with imposing keys and bold horns accompanying Harleighblu as she warns her errant lover not to 'try and play me', her defiant, soulful voice scornfully telling him 'you messed with the wrong girl'. Both songs are taken from her upcoming debut album 'Forget Me Not' on the Tru Thoughts label, with Harleighblu saying 'the entire album is love life, what happened, and, yeah, it is just like a story of my life really', adding that her desire to have her work on the label was due to the fact that 'Tru Thoughts do their own thing; they are all about the music; they are all about the credible artists; they are all about the timeless albums; they are all about artists...keeping true to themselves, so, for me, it was a no-brainer'. With her album set for release in October, get to know more about Harleighblu below -

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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