Music Video: Drop City Yacht Club ft Jeremih - Crickets

Exit 8 / A&M / Octone Records
March 26, 2013
Matt Stawski
Drop City Yacht Club ft Jeremih

Drop City Yacht Club doesn't front. In fact, the California trio—Kristo, A Wolf, and THX—will just as quickly rap about the girl who turned them down as the one that they took home. Writing and producing all of their own music, it's that kind of dynamic underdog honesty that makes these three gents so charming. Toeing the line between clever hip hop, sly pop, and a splash of sun-soaked '60s rock, the group cruises down its own lane with a wide-eyed smirk.

"Crickets" slides from a Motown-style beat and piano buildup into a sharp little story of getting shut down by the fairer sex. Of course, cricket sounds also chirp in the background as the falsetto hook resounds.

Written by Andrew C - [ @NERDcloud / ]

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