Music Video: Brian Owens - Till Morning Breaks

Moods & Messages
Destin 2B1 Records
March 29, 2013
Benjamin Kaplan
Benjamin Kaplan, Scott Smith
Brian Owens

St. Louis soul singer Brian Owens has just released visuals for his song 'Till Morning Breaks' from the album he released last year, 'Moods & Messages'. A former featured artist in our Sol Village showcase, Owens father was a preacher and he 'grew up singing in the church. That is the route of traditional soul', and as he was growing up he would 'watch my father sing and see the effect it had on people. When he delivered a song, it was pure and genuine, and that's what touches people and changes people's lives'. Raised listening to artists such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, Wilson PickettĀ and Nat 'King' Cole, Owens own soulful music stems from his desire to pass on the legacy of 'the foundational, cornerstone artists...I think it has to be passed are talking about the roots of just about every form of American music'. Owens acknowledges the influence on his own music by the legendary soul singers, 'that's what I gravitate to, that's my thing, I've always been like an old school kind of guy', and says his writing reflects the fact that there is 'nothing new to write about, just new ways to write about the traditional, but exciting cycles of life. Music that reaches and touches people is about nature. What makes us vulnerable, what makes us scared, what makes us happy - it never changes'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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