Music Video: Abigail Wyles - Mantra

MTA Records
July 17, 2013
Eleanor Marechal
Abigail Wyles, Holly Simpson, David Wrench.
Abigail Wyles

Signed to MTA Records, alongside the likes of Elli Ingram and  Nero, UK singer Abigail Wyles video for her song 'Mantra', with it's mirror images, smoky hue and enigmatically enveloping soundscape, is a spiritual meditation on the immersive relationship she has with music, the crystalline beauty of her vocal tone, with it's haunting, ethereal gravitas, contemplating the nebulous nature of music itself as she sings 'music is my mantra, I seek solace in it, vast expanse I'm free to explore'.



Wyles says that she has found music to be 'really powerful actually and have often sought escape and direction through music...making music and listening to and enjoying music is certainly cathartic for me', and, notably inspired by Marvin Gaye, 'his music has always and will continue to be deeply moving, uplifting and inspirational for me', with her writing partner Holly Simpson she makes music that she describes as 'an amalgamation of our influences which are very broad. I think elements of soul, disco, jazz, classical and electronic music seep in. It can be quite classical and stripped back to it’s simplest from and also textural and musically very layered and harmonious with more of a cinematic quality. For me our music breathes, it feels alive'. As she looks to the future she hopes to 'be performing all over the world, to people who truly appreciate what me and Holly are doing. Being able to share our music essentially. New York basements to idyllic spots overlooking the sea; that’s the dream, got to keep dreaming!'.


Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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