Music Video: Aaradhna - You Don't Love Me Anymore

Treble & Reverb
Dawn Raid Music / Republic Records
June 24, 2013

Having recently been a featured artist at our Sol Village showcase as she begins to introduce herself to US music lovers (see below), the Queen of New Zealand soul and r&b, Aaradhna, has just released her new video for the song 'You Don't Love Me Anymore' from the 'Treble & Reverb' album. Describing her music as 'retro-metro', a combination of 'old school/new school...I try to mix in the modern lyrics with an old kind of rhythm and blue flavor to my sound', she sings with a sweet sensitivity of the realization that a special someone does not love her any more, with her willingness to work on the relationship not being reciprocated seeing her decide to move on to 'find another, that will love me, that will love me better.'

After making an acclaimed comeback to the charts in New Zealand after taking some time out from music, the local success of her 'Treble & Reverb' album saw the US label Republic Records take notice and sign Aaradhna, with Brett Alperowitz, vice president, A&R, at Republic Records saying 'We discovered a fantastic song in 'Wake Up' racing up the NZ charts and found it attached to a brilliant album recorded by an amazing artist in Aaradhna...She has a huge voice, poignant lyrics and a unique cultural background that we feel is very compelling...'Treble & Reverb' could be played proudly alongside Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' and Duffy's 'Rockferry'.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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