MP3: Aaron Paul - Jericho

Aaron Paul

Written, produced, and sung by the same person -- That's when you know you truly have a solid musical career ahead of you. As a recent graduate of the Popular Music Studies degree at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Aaron Paul caught our attention when we heard this highly-synthed ambiance track. Digging a bit deeper we noticed he's been working with some familiar names (some of who we've featured in the past) - Angela Ricci, Lauren Crown, Arianna, The Shy Project, Max Pahlsson. The song "Jericho" references the biblical story and the ancient city of Jericho. It's outer city walls were destroyed despite the thick walls. Aaron sings:

"Sometimes it feels like I'm crumbling down -- Sometimes it feels like there's no solid ground -- I feel like I've fallen, like Jericho"


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