Jake&Papa released their debut EP ‘Athena's Erotica’

Former members of the R&B quintet Brutha, Jake & Papa released their debut EP ‘Athena's Erotica’ The new musical project features refreshing and sultry vocals from the duo and production by The Futuristiks, Niko & BJ McKnight, Sho and more. Jacob "Jake" Harrell and Cheyenne "Papa" Harrell were the youngest members of the former group Brutha. The two branched off to pursue music as a soulful duo back in May 2011 with their first mixtape “Destination Short Stay II”.

Jake&Papa followed up in 2012 with the “Somethin’ Soulful” mixtape, emulating artist such as Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and R. Kelly. Jake’s sound is described as calm while Papa’s tone is a bit deeper. Both contribute smooth falsettos paired with songwriting talents. Over the past year, the two have released a series of original videos and covers. Their uniquely titled EP ‘Athena's Erotica’ is displays mature content with an R&B flavor. The EP is available in two forms, a free 8 track version and a 10 track deluxe version. The deluxe version has two bonus tracks, “Gun Charge” featuring Skeme and an extended version of the fan-favorite “Rumors”.

Listen to Jake&Papa’s ‘Athena's Erotica’.

Written by Allison Hazel - [ AllyHazel ]

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