Interview: Tuac - talks Higher Ground, perception of & state of music

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The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Tuac might not be a familiar name to you just yet, but he definitely will be someone to keep an eye out for in the near future. Utilizing his performance skills, Tuac will make his big screen debut later this year as the leading role in "The Bluest Note", a movie based on the life of recording legend Tony Mann. At the same time, the humble and passionate talent with also hone in on releasing his EP "Higher Ground" which "catalog the honest and inspiring journey of a true artist, an absolute must listen for fans of classic soul and mainstream R&B".

What criteria did the songs have to have in order to be placed on the project? what was the selection process like for this upcoming EP?

Between me and KC Price was pretty much defined with what was happening and not happening with music today. Instead of talking about destruction we decided to talk about true to who we are. That was the overall theme of the EP. We wanted to stay focused on one thing: feel good, coming together, and heal the world.

We definitely got that from listening to it!

Those are my roots! It was really easy to key into those feelings.

which track are you most attached to?

It's kind of hard to say.. All of them are a piece of me. If I had to pick I would say "Sunshine", "Higher Ground", & "Free Man" which is unreleased as of right now. Those three are the main ones that come to mind.

Your musical influences are clearly gospel and soul. What really drove your direction into this genre?

The state of the world to be truly honest. I grew up listening to Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke, The Whispers.. you name it! There's so many to name from Jazz, Gospel, Rock. It's really sad to hear what's going on in the world today. I just wanted to stick to that sound and put out conscious music.

Thinking about your childhood, which song comes to mind that resonates with you?

"Higher Ground"! It brings me back to that stage of my adolescence when I was realizing that choices needed to be made. Understanding that I came from a poor background and that there's treasure at the end of this rainbow. It's raining today, but baby -- tomorrow the sun is going to shine! So Higher Ground really makes me feel that momentum. No matter what, there's only one way up and only one way down.

That was one of your lyrics in the song right?

Yep! That's the chorus! Based on your choices you make, there's only one way to the path of success, and one to the path of destruction. Lift me to higher grounds!

I understood that as Heaven and Hell

That too! That's the beauty of the songs. It's all about your perception of life is.

how did you and KC meet?

I met KC Price 10 or 11 years ago. My friend Ralph in Brooklyn New York who owns a bodega (convenience store). He sought me out since he knew I was a musician and paired me up with KC and it's been all love ever since.

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