Interview: Sebastian Mikael - gaining traction in the industry..

Sebastian Mikael

He's an artist that we've had our eyes set on since 2011 when we first featured him on our website when we bumped into his music in youtube. Since then the young talent has garnered the attention of former Motown Executive Sylvia Rhone, and has been on tour with rising star Cris Cab. We sat down with the talent to discuss music, fashion, and his musical journey thus far.

Speak to use about your cover of Marvin Gaye's "What’s Going On".. why did you choose to cover that specific song?

It was pretty much last minute thing actually! We had a showcase setup in New York and we needed to come up with a song.. I never thought of ever doing a cover of his song, but since I already knew all of his songs it seemed almost natural to perform it.

You released your debut project (J'adore mixtape) last year.. but it looks like your video "Beautiful Life" (+110K views) put you on our map last year. How have you grown since then? Has your music changed in your eyes?

That mixtape was the start for me. It was amazing sharing my music in such a wide variety of music. It has shaped my sound since I was very drawn to my track "Beautiful Life" along with most of the fans. It was becoming the "core" of what I wanted to do musically.

Last year you were going around from label to label (looking to get their attention), but it was only after signing with Slip'N-Slide Records that you gained the attention of music executive Sylvia Rhone. Talk to us about that..

In late 2011, we made a deal with Slip N Slide since they really understood the vision and wanted to push it and make it go further. We focused on promoting "Beautiful Life", and it open doors around the industry. somehow it found it's way into Sylvia's lap and we decided to meet up. Our first meeting went so well that we continued to pursue a deal and eventually got one.

After signing to Epic Records, Jackthreads has reached out to you and signed you to be a part of their product line for Fall 2012. What other brand are you into?

I'm very into clothing and fashion! I'm actually very into thrift store shopping. I got introduced to Jackthreads when I first got the opportunity to do their Fall collection. I was looking through their stuff and really felt as though it perfectly aligned with my style. I'm also very into a clothing brand from Sweden called Acne, Supreme, and The Brooklyn Circus.

What are you working on right now?

I'm excited to say that my album is almost done! It's been a very fun adventure since it's allowed me to collaborate with my favorite producers who I look up to that include Jim Jonsin (Eminem, Kelly Rowland), & Rico Love (Beyonce, Usher). It's all about creating that vibe with them and really allowing them to connect with your vision.


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