Interview: Angelique Sabrina - The Caribbean Talent being compared to Rihanna

Angelique Sabrina

Rising pop sensation, Angelique Sabrina, has been hailed as "the next Rihanna" by MTV, and garnered attention from the likes of Grammy-award winner Rockwilder, whose credits include Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny's Child. Already preparing for the 2013's release of her debut album along with her next single "Stop Sign", we caught up with the caribbean talent and asked her a few questions.

For your "Pull Up" music video.. it looks like you were getting strange looks on the sidewalk. Was the video just shot in broad day light?

Pull Up was so much fun to shoot because in a way it was like a flash mob. No one was expecting us that day and everyone who saw us shooting was curious.

What are your favorite dance moves? Got any?


Talk to us a bit about your experience w/ Jamaica's Sumfest that included Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks, Damian Marley..

Sumfest was so much fun! I was incredibly honored to share the stage with such amazing and seasoned artists. The crowd was so hype and I had a blast!

Talk to us a bit about your upcoming project..

I'm in the process of finishing my first album and we have such great sounding songs that we're working on so far! The first single and music video, Pull Up, has been released and we have a few more singles to go before my album is released hopefully by sometime next year!

What is the most emotional track on the project?

We have done a few ballads so far for the album so you can definitely expect and array of different sounds and styles. As for as titles go, though, I don't want to give anything away yet!

Are you into dancers / dance groups? -- Which one sticks out the most?

I'm in love with two dancers called "Les Twins". They're french dancers and are absolutely incredible! I love their style and humor! I'd love to meet and work with them one day.

How do you discover new musical talent on the internet?

Whenever I look up my favorite songs on youtube, I'll check out any covers that have been done by other people on the same song. That's usually how I find new talent.


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