Gallery: Live Sessions w/ Sid Sriram @ The Breeding Ground NYC

Thursday night, industry professionals and tastemakers were beckoned to Brooklyn to The Breeding Ground NYC where up and coming R&B singer Sid Sriram held a live recording session of a five-song EP that will be released this summer. With drinks furnished by TYKU and folks like RCA's Dana Jeter and Sony Music & Crooked Engine's Amanda Berkowitz mixing it up with representatives from Hypebeast, and New York Magazine, the tiny loft was brimming with excitement for the Berkeley senior - who is set to graduate this spring! - and Sid's five-man band aided in his domination of the set. Pulling from his Indian classical music foundation, Sid's unique brand of R&B is one that is insightful and endearing, simultaneously; his musical influences range from Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway to Radiohead and Coldplay; Kanye West and Andre 3000 to Bon Iver - all elements fused together to create the Sriram sound. Belting out songs like "Talk To Me", "Fugitive Thoughts", and a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Sid made believers out of the audience made up of old and new fans. "Entropy" was a true standout track from the performance and contains a sample from Bon Iver's "Perth". During the performance, Sid referenced Nas' "One Mic", which similarly echoes his desire to keep his focus on making music for the artistry and not the monetary gain before performing "Alchemy/Fountain Of Youth".

Sponsors for the evening -,,, and TYKU - helped to provide a live session that will be released in June as well as the five-song EP for your listening pleasure. Thanks to everyone involved for their hospitality and for a great night at The Breeding Ground NYC.


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