Free Download: Yuri Koller 'Open Doors' Mixtape

Yuri Koller, the artist formely known as Lokz, released his second project titled "Open Doors", which is co-executively produced by Cxleb & Yuri himself. In this album, Yuri brings you in for another chapter of his life, turning his emotions, dreams, and aspirations into a musical journey for anyone who either likes to have some hard hitting beats to nod their head to while they're on the road or those who like to lay back while cruising in their car along to some R&B reminiscent of the 90's. A mixture of all of his favorite types of music including his favorite styles of R&B, Soul, & Hip-Hop bred into something that music lovers of any genre can enjoy. Throw this on your ipods or burn a copy to CD and let it take you for a ride.


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