FREE: Alex Jacke - DFM Deluxe (Mixtape Download)

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Alex Jack, an artist we featured on our third edition of #Discovery Mixtape, reissues the deluxe version of his DFM (Dorm Fuckin' Music) EP which include 4 new sexified tracks "No Hands", "Love To Love Ya", "We Should Have Sex", & "Pure Perfection". Upon hitting the new material Alex sets the mood straight away -- "It's time to get sexadelic" -- leaving no time to waste in any miscommunication. Just in time for Valentines day, the EP continues the story that was left off at track 8 (Days Of Our Lives) of the first edition of DFM. The project takes listeners through the college days of Alex as he experiments and falls in love. Click the image below to download the new deluxe project for free and stream the entire project below!


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