EXCLUSIVE Interview: The Adorable - Tynisha Keli

Tynisha Keli

According to your Ustream statement earlier this year, you mentioned that "The Fifth Element" will be a European-based release project. What are the reasons behind this personal decision? (your last album was primarily Japan-released.)

Well, Japan Is very embracing and they took me in like i was one of their own... not to mention I already had a big following out there.

You recently shot your latest music video "Love Hurts" in Japan. Describe how it was working on that video. (who was director, can we expect any cameo performances)

I had a blast shooting the video, the directors name is Masaki Ohkita. He is by far the most incredible director I've had the privelege to work with. I just saw the rough edit and it's already stunning.

Why have you changed "Worst Enemy" to "Love Hurts". Will you have two versions of the single? (One for US release featuring Kashus? And one for Japan featuring hiphop artist Coma Chi?)

Unfortunately there's only going to be one version. We changed the title because the first one was not so appealing.

You sold more than 600,000 copies for "The Chronicles Of TK". By taking a look at the popularity of the first album, what sort of numbers do you except for "The Fifth Element"?

I'm hoping to double what I did the first time around.

You were not content on how Warner Bros. Records handled the release of "The Chronicles Of TK". What are some of the aspects of promotion, marketing, and placement are going to focus on with your upcoming release? (what is going to take it to the next level?)

Well, it's important to sell your own product before anyone else can... I think with this album I'm a lot more confident in myself and comfortable with the content on the album. There's nothing on there that I decided against.

In an old interview you picked Justin Timberlake as a perfect candidate for a boyfriend. Is this still the case, or have you laid eyes on a new man?

No boyfriend for me.. I'm too focused to have that extra baggage right now. But Justin would still be ideal

It seems like you work really close with Tha CornaBoyz. You have Tyrrell Bing as your manager, Pierre Medor as your vocal arranger, and you've also worked with the production/writing crew in the past for a couple of tracks. What is it about them that separates them from the rest? (Is it their skill level, connections, personality, chemistry? Are Tha CornaBoyz even together anymore? How were you introduced to them?)

Of course Tha CornaBoyz are still very much together... they're my team because i respect them and they respect me... not just personally but musically. It's so important to have a team that believes in you as much as you do yourself and i have that with them. i met them through an old a&r who set up the session with them and i feel like I just never left lol

Just from taking a quick glance at some of your old song titles, it seems as though you've been through some hard times in your life. (I Wished You Loved Me, Shatter'd, Defeated, Cry No More, Livin' A Lie) Has music always been an avenue that you use to release your emotions in? In our opinion, most contemporary songs revolve around an optimistic mentality. Why have you decided to perform these types of tracks?

I have had a hard life but I refuse to pity myself... and I hope others don't either. I am grateful for all the hard times, they made me stronger. I could sing the contemporary records if I were interested in Bulls******* but fortunately music is my outlet so I don't go on a rampage lol. *just kidding* But I don't believe all the optimism lays in "Contemporary music" love can be optimistic, it all depends on the the frame of mind I'm in.

When your friends/family listen to your tracks do you think they would know who you are talking about (a past boyfriend)?

Some records yes... *shrugs*

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