Ester Rada Captivates With Her Self-Titled Debut Album...


The thrill that one gets when one come across music that surprises, captivates, excites and absorbs itself into the senses is a rare pleasure indeed, and, following up from her acclaimed 'Life Happens' EP, Israeli singer Ester Rada has released a first full length album, the self-titled 'Ester Rada', that does precisely that, with a wondrously thrilling and inventive collection of twelve songs that draw on elements of jazz, soul, funk and r&b, with a touch of rock thrown in, to create a listening experience that is a glorious showcase of her inventive and inimitably refreshing creative instincts that is nothing short of a delight.



From the opening jazzy hustle and punctuated rock bombast of 'Monsters', through to the emphatically brassy, reggae-infused bounce of 'Sorries'; from the exotically accented, driving, martial menace of 'Life Happens' and its euphorically swelling chorus to the fuzzy, urgent rock-and-brass stylings of 'Lose It' and on to the horn laden funky swagger of 'Bad Guy', Rada never ceases to amaze with the ways in which she blends and twists tempos and melodies into an always ear-catching aural confection.



At times contemplative and introspective, at times bold and defiant, Rada touches on love, identity, hope, fear and doubt with her thoughtfully literate, and at times enigmatic, songwriting, the jazzily weighted natural tone of her voice accommodatingly capable of being as dreamy, sensitive, urgent or forceful as needed to set the mood. In a world where the desire to be free from the constraints of convention has been drummed out of a lot of people, let alone artists, 'Ester Rada' is a an eclectically stimulating breath of fresh air, a musical celebration of following your own muse to wherever it may take you, and to whoever you may be when you get there.

Written by Mark J - [ @solitarym ]

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