DOWNLOAD: Austin Brown - Highway 85 (Vol 1) Free Mixtape

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Traveling a virtually uncharted lane in R&B, Austin Brown has managed to fuse dance and pop elements into a style of R&B that resembles sounds made famous starting from the sixties through the nineties with his latest release "Highway 85". His falsetto is strikingly familiar and he has a tone that is versatile, able to carry any style of song from electro-pop ("Highway To The Sky") to soulful-dance ("Volcano") and crooning old school R&B ("To Love Her").

With the genes of music's most influential family (The Jacksons) swimming in his DNA, Austin Brown manages to pay tribute to his famous family while still catering to his own unique sound that sets him apart from those who came before him. "Highway 85" tells a story of love in various stages: finding it, keeping it, losing it and learning from it - phases every listener can relate to while set to great musical composition.

"Highway 85" dazzles as it offers a palette of variety across the board that isn't readily offered by many R&B artists today; standout tracks include "Where Were You", "What Did I Lose To Love You", "F'd With My Mind" and "Groove 92" but if your ears are yearning for a trip down an alternate route to a musical euphoria, taking "Highway 85" is the best way to go - beginning to end.

Written by Stephanie W - [ amoreSTEPH / QuirkTales ]

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